Our Course Embraces Reading and Playing Music

We believe that every life needs music.
Most adults wish that they had learned to play the piano at an early age. Some took for a little while and dropped out. Others never had the opportunity. We believe it is NEVER too late to learn. We have found that when adults enjoy the process of learning to play the piano in a small group of other adults, and the teacher is a person who is caring and makes it FUN, anyone can learn to play. No talent required.

Our course embraces both reading music and playing by chords. It also allows people to improvise and put their own spin on the music. The emphasis is on the journey-enjoying the process. There is so much pleasure in participating in making music, and not just listening.

The Benefits of Recreational Music Making:There are so many. Self-Expression, Relaxation (We all need to relax more!), Wellness, Fun, Peace, Satisfaction, Mental Well Being, Memory Retention, Pride, Happiness, Health, Humor, and Achievement, among others.

Call Lynn Hannah Now:Give Lynn a call now and she will tell you when our next set of classes will begin. If you have always wanted to play the Piano and never had the opportunity, this is the perfect time to begin.

Group piano lessons and private lessons for all ages.

At Hannah Piano, we have both group Piano Lessons for Beginner Adults, and Private Lessons for Adults and Children alike. We also have the Names and Contact Information of many very good Piano Teachers in all different areas, so if you would like some names of a Piano Teacher near you, we can recommend some to you.

For more information and to schedule your event please contact Lynn Hannah at (803) 798-7077.

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